How to Downgrade WordPress to a Previous Version

Have you updated your WordPress website with new updated version? Are you seeing issues on your website? It may be an issue with a theme installed on your site or plugin that is incompatible with the newest version update. Don’t worry we can fix the issues by following few steps.

However it is not suggested to stick with an older version forever, as it may cause serious security issues. If the theme or plugin that isn’t compatible, it will be better to find an alternative for this. Downgrading can be a good temporary solution. For time being, if one of your plugin is incompatible with update version then it will be best to downgrade and wait until for next update.

In this article I will show you how to downgrade wordpress version to a previous one in two different methods

Method 1: Manual Rollback

Method 2: Rollback Using Plugin

Before proceeding further first thing I suggest you to check whether any plugin is causing the issue, if so you can disable it until an updated or more compatible version is released. If you think it’s the WordPress code which is causing problems, then downgrading the wordpress version is the best possible solution to fix the issues.

Before rolling back to previous version I strongly recommend you to take complete backup of your website files and database associated with it, in case something goes wrong in downgrade process you can use the backup to restore.

You can do this manually as well as by using plugins. I will show you how to downgrade it manually. Download the previous WordPress versions from WordPress releases It should be version before the newest one.

If you want handle this process manually, you can’t even log into your admin panel, you can follow these instructions to rollback without the help of a plugin.

Method 1: Manual Rollback

Most common steps involved in downgrading the WordPress version to an older version.

Step 1: Download WordPress

You can download the older WordPress version from official website from there you can download any old WordPress versions, I have shared a link where you will find the different wordpress version from there you can download the required one of your choice.


Step 2: Deactivate All Plugins

Now deactivate all the plugins by logging into your admin panel. Plesae check the below screenshot for your reference.


If you’re unable to access admin panel then you have to deactivate all WordPress plugins at once by renaming the plugins folder from cpanel. It will be in your root folder under wp-content. If you are unable to locate you can simply search with term “Plugins” in cpanel dashboard there you will find the exact location. Now rename the folder to deactivate all the plugins at once.


Once all your plugins have been deactivated, logout from WordPress admin.

Step 3: Replace WordPress Core files with Previous Version

Navigate to root folder from cpanel or through FTP client, delete the wp-admin and wp-includes folders from there as shown in below screenshot.


Now replace or overwrite wordpress core files from the previous version you have downloaded, make sure not to upload or overwrite wp-content folder, keep it as it is.


WordPress is downgraded as an older version and you can login as normal, it will be prompted to update WordPress database. Click on “Update WordPress Database” and then click continue to login.

Once you’re logged in to your dashboard you will see that you’re running the version of WordPress that you have downgraded to. Now you have to manually activate plugins one by one from the dashboard.

Method 2: Rollback Using Plugin

Check for “WP downgrade” plugin which is quite reliable for rolling back your WordPress website version from your dashboard.


Install and activate it this will be much easier than manual method. This plugin can handle the downgrade for you. It runs just like the normal WordPress installer so it’s very easy to use. Now you have to choose the version of WordPress you want to install and it will be directly downloaded from and installed as normal.


If you have fixed the plugin or theme incompatibility issues by using the Wp Downgrade plugin to the previous version, then you can disable the WP Downgrade plugin and then delete it from website.

In this method your website will be downgraded to the last update before the one you installed.

I hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions drop an email at